Cloud Payments

Manage, Review and Reconcile online payments

Use the Cloud Payments menu to manage, review and reconcile online payments within the Business Central. 

From the Cloud Payments menu, you can access the following functionalities. 

Downloaded Payments View, manage and reconcile online payments.
Cash Receipt Journal Review and post online payments manually.
Customer Ledger Entries View Business Central customer ledger entries.

Downloaded Payments List

Downloaded Payments Detail

The downloaded Payments Detail page shows the following important details:

  • Document No. : SEMBA assigned document number.
  • Payment Method Type
  • Customer Code
  • Merchant Document No.: Business Central assigned document number for the cash receipt journal entry.
  • Transaction Amount: Payment amount.
  • Refunded Amount: In the event, the transaction was a refund.
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Lines: This shows the applied invoice information. 
    • Merchant Invoice No.: Business Central Posted Sales Invoice number.
    • Merchant Order No.: Business Central Sales Order number.
    • Order Document No.: This shows the SEMBA assigned sales order document number when a payment transaction is created for online orders.
    • Document Balance Amount: This shows the remaining amount of a posted sales invoice from the customer ledger entries.
    • Applied Amount: This shows the amount applied to the posted sales invoice.
    • Invoice Still Open: This shows the posted sales invoice open status.
    • Invoice Bill-to Customer Code: This shows the Bill-to customer code of the posted sales invoices.
    • Invoice Sell-to Customer Code: This shows the Sell-to customer code of the posted sales invoices.
  • Payment Gateway Transactions: This shows
    • Payment Method Type
    • Transaction Type: This shows the type of transactions submitted to the payment processor's gateway.
    • Transaction Amount
    • Tax Amount
    • Currency Code

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