Sales Tax Setup

Create and manage Sales Tax Nexus

SEMBA platform provides complete automated sales tax calculation to sales tax recording. If your business needs sales tax calculation and auto filing solutions, contact sales here.

Sales Tax Setup – Customers

When a new customer is created, the user needs to assign a tax-exempt type. Available exempt types are:

  • Government – Select this when selling to a government entity. This will result in being fully exempt.
  • Non-Exempt – Select this when selling to any general customers, and the business is liable to collect sales tax for transactions.
  • Other – This will result in the orders will be fully exempt.
  • Wholesale – Select this when the customer is a wholesaler and has a tax-exempt certificate.

Validate Customer Tax Setup

Once a customer record is created on the SEMBA platform, it is necessary to validate the customer with the sales tax calculation service. In this case, SEMBA support TaxJar.

Click on the Sales Tax Setup button to validate. If the customer was created manually, a user must validate it manually. If the customer was created via the registration process, then the sales tax setup gets verified automatically.

Sales Tax Setup – Products

When a new product is created, the user needs to assign an appropriate sales tax code. If the sales tax code is left blank or 0 (zero), the system would consider it a taxable product.

To assign a product tax code, click on the drop-down, and select an appropriate tax code.

Nexus Management

A merchant is responsible for managing their economic nexus on the SEMBA platform. Economic nexus can be managed from the Nexus Management menu.


Use TaxJar AutoFile to automatically submit your returns to the states where you’re registered. Contact our sales team here to get started.

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